Saturday, January 30, 2010

Journal Poetry Vault: Antidotess [With Future Edits]

Another Gem from the *Journal Poetry Vault
--Next Release 6.10.10
smh Enjoy!?

He [was] the Antidote
No chemical composition
Always in position
Overtime after fission and 'friction'-
Was broken down to a poison
He just [kept] 'makin noises'
'Hey-stop makin noises!'
Given chills by the voices
Her voice is his weakness
The reason he [still] fiends for her breathing
'Dag-even her snoring isn't boring?'
Believe it!
We're bonded
It'd be treason if I leave then
So who's leavin?
Not he
Not she
I guess its [was] we then
Our and us
And oh 'nala-dreamin'
Only appeased when-
He's 'holdin her'
The reason?
She [was] 'close to his heart'
No literally!- he means it
Never broken apart
After walks in the park
@>-- textual roses and art-
Well art being the poetry part
Her beauty is why he [loathed] when its dark
But not at the movies-I like that alooot
We chill when its hot
And when its chilly shes hot
She does exist!
Forget what the 'scientist' thought
We the coolest niggas what?
On fire- a burnin desire
That's raw life!
Thrones of bones-cushioned with tires-
Spike wire rings-turned with needle nose pliers
We do with what we got- MacGyver!?
But LIVE'rrr
And higher!
A bus bench with wings?
Floatin pass those weird-sparkling things..
Yea 'I could do this forever'
Then again i'd rather progress
How am I your antidote when you're my antidotess?
Even if I am a poisonous mess...
[Still] 'You the,you the best'

~wind blows!


brandUn DeShay said...

hardbody. i found a couple parts that i could relate to. i love this one. not to mention the rhyme scheme.

reminiscent of Am I High by N*E*R*D

L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...

thanx dawg! been awhile