Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Writing: TyE.N.D.

The scene of this world is changing

And i had a part in playing it
Do i deserve trying to save it
It'd be better off without me raiding it
Without me walking or wading in..
Waters that I'm tainted in
Why am i waiting
I'm not chained to it
And Ive lost everything i feared i would
So whats left
Whose left
I must be heartless
No chest
Just abdomen and neck
My mistakes left my whole world upset
And its not worth trying to fix
Well i know there's no solution to this
Like infinity times 3 minus the absolute value of x
Why even continue the rest
Id rather not live with the pain on my chest
The pain on my brain
The hurt in her veins
The hypocrisy i claim
Shes right
How can i progress or gain
A dedication i never really made
Not in prayer anyway
Along with an outward appearance thats starting to fade
They said "we need your help"
If they only knew what i used to do
I love you all..
But I just cant tell you
And as for her..i wanna give her comfort
Hug her and show support
In my own life i placed myself fourth
Following other peoples course
Haunted by the memories i hoard
Yet still longing for a threefold cord
live by these word.s and..blah blah by the s.word

"I told you i have ALMOST nothing to fear"
The moreee,the moreee, the more you try the eraser..
the moreee, the moreee, the more that i appear

~tired wind blows!

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