Sunday, December 20, 2009

Frank Ramz (Video) - "Fat Raps Ramzy"

Dang! I almost forgot I was an author here! What's up err'body!? Hope all is well withcha!
Wanted to drop off my latest youtube video for ya'll, this time I'm going over Chip Tha Ripper's "Fat Raps". You can check it out HERE as well for further info & I put the lyrics below, since this is Live Lyricism!

everytime i step in da spot..dey turn to stone, welcome to medusaville..homie i call it home.
life kinda cold when u livin it all alone, had a couple childhood friends..but dey all have grown.
into sumthin different....n it wouldve affected me if we wasnt distant..da haters talkin but i wasnt list'ning.
i turn def when u spit on beats, u soutpole..u aint neva had shit on me.
its like im standin butt ass in a class of my own, while u rap bout ya swag n ya glass of patron.
man cmon..gotta get it together..spittin whatever, wont work..ima switch wit da weather..gettin dis cheddar up first.
i hear alotta old rappers rhymin slang, retired jersey ass niggaz still tryna hang.
now i aint sayin im da smoothest nigga out..but im smoother den yall..i can put dat on my momma name.
every second do it big, n dnt mistake me for pleasure p..i aint messin wit u kids.
ha..homie it aint hard to see dat i play to win, doin good like a groupie fuckin kanye n them.
while yall slow coastin, pursuitin happiness but u movin in slow no ocean.
but i flow like one when the new moon is out, da big bad wolf gone monsoon ya house.
its too soon to doubt..too late to hate, always head of yall even if i make mistakes.
dey debate the rate dat i put out shit, n get upset..cuz dey still aint put out shit.
i always rap like im walkin in a good outfit..or like im whippin a bens..u see im gettin it in.
its alotta snake niggaz so i turn into a badger, when da pen is in my hand..its turns into a dagger.
nuthin like asher cuz i love collages, flicks of chicks givin my click massages.
all night mirages, woke up dey braless..layin on da carpet.
aww heartless da way i kill beats, ride it real smooth..when u move..ya wheels squeek.
bubble gum rappers..i chew em up..spit em out, i asked da real fans and u sumthin we can live without.
u aint pretty boy cuz ya cash long, u betta off doin da gaga..put a mask on.
or get smashed on..ill start throwin darts, den ull be wit alicia sleepin wit a broken heart. my rhetoric is delicate, n im dishin out fresher shit den yall niggaz will ever spit.
n dnt u under estimate my cleverness, da wizard of oz couldnt help u reach my intelligence.

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L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...

Fav Line: its alotta snake niggaz so i turn into a badger, when da pen is in my hand..its turns into a dagger.


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