Friday, December 25, 2009

Bored Writing: Nickel Allergies


Of kryptonian origin
Skin barriers-extremely important
The evilest portent
The battle of devious forces
This and that
Tit for tat
Teeming and tore in
Illegal encroachment
Why annoy so much?
Belligerent irritant and overcrust
Skewed views enough?
Brown hues and stuff
Chemical glues erupt
To rude to touch
Unless you're just that curious
Its been picked enough
Hmm.but your hands can do what they want
Being that youre perfect and such
Don't shut me down
I mean im not makin it up
We go together like shirt and the cuff
Not even nickel is botherin us
Turnin plated hand cuffs into rust
We can crush it to dust
Just to say that we can move mountains
So then again whats there left to discuss
Even when the silence is tough
When the goin get tough
Ty stays here
I told you i have ALMOST nothing to fear

~wind blows

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