Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bored Writing: Rage Cocoon

Shone on by the moon
Inside red light flashes at noon
Living cocoon
Locked away from the world
Oyster outsides
Insides a pearl
Inside it evolves
No more sand in the dirt
Moreso treasure
No measure
Of valueless worth
Strait from the earth
Mother Nature's..son
Father Time's...curse
Battles still active on custody's turf
Protected by wind
But yet and still corrosion begins
His mom and dad fight..while he's listenin in
(wind gust and time warps)
"Mom give it a breath!
Dad give it a rest!
Cant you see its tearing me apart"
The wind calms down
And time didn't start
"Don't you remember what happened in that lyric 'Broken Art'?
'It was aiming at his heart'..then 'cupid shot darts' that 'blew it all apart'..
Oh wait i think i mixed em up
Took a line and twisted up
But there's more than one lyric that ended with the death of us!"
*the writer drops his pen*
*the lyric keeps making up*
an uncontrollable (to be continued)

~wind blows!

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