Friday, December 4, 2009

Bored Writing: Art Artillery

'I miss you too'..

More now-if im readin this aloud..
Its what I do..
Think of you..when nobodies around..
Culdesac of sound..
Frequency unfound...
Never hear it..
Keep it shackled and inbound
Flash forward
Fast forward
Stop and never rewound
Just look at all the casualties we found!
"Hero or a Villain"?..
S.E.H. branded on the ground..
Flyin thru the world
*horns* 'SuperGirrrrl!'
Purple costume in a twirl
My kryptonite like nickel O.o
I'm shootin for her heart
I think cupid needs missiles
Dumb little dart pistol
What else is in my infantry?
Forget PacMan..
That skill still riddles me
Yea I'm really 'feelin you'
Thinkin' that you're feelin me
And with that 'touch'...forget about misery
One weapon up!
Art is my artillery
Cautionary occasion!
'Art is the sex of imagination'

~wind blows!


Jenineeee said...

nice ending
"art is the sex of imagination"
haha now thats REAL

big ups

ARTS Me moires said...

This is dope
you jut inspired me :D

Gambitt said...
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L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...

thanx (semicolon,closed parenthesis)