Monday, November 30, 2009

Bored Writing: Twilight Zone

A World Where...
Im losin speed
Not even in the same place
'Slow pace'
Mad face
Better in a 'rat race'
That's real
In the land where fire is teal
And passions fueled by desirous ills..
And they dropped from the empire state
'That kills'
Ironically-they made that way
Don't get 'burned' fallin into 'lakes'
Is it 'arson' or did you just 'drown' away?
Lets see what the coroner say:
"Nope nope he didn't die at all,
he still lives..just insentient from Tylenol,
his minds a fog,
he'll be back soon"
..the 'waves pulled by the moon'
Just about every noon
Pull!..pull please...
Please pull me away
Livin on 'htraE' like everyday
'Backwards'!.. every way
Why live if death is aminute away?
Life turnin to gray
But hey..some find it sensible
Some think of principals
But I make it minuscule
Didn't you know that 'Fatality' would 'Finish you'?
'Katana wins'
We'll If you're usin a 'blade'
On htraE we throw 'spades'
And we might 'cut yo king'
Slice up yo queen
So whose on the 'losing team'?
You could choose not to play
Or maybe just not today
Not cuts on me
Jumpin bees
Duckin roots
Uh..Climbing leaves?
Hoppin on the sky
Flyin thru airy seas?
Feels good..swimmin thru the breeze
Where i be...
The land of evilly corrosive and cynically supercilious mysteries

~wind blows!

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