Sunday, August 16, 2009


^that's me. heh.


^that's me too.

Whaddup LiveLyricism?
I'm the newest addition to the team of authors here.
Umm. I'm 17. Upcoming artist, just tryna give people some good music.
I'm apart of a music group called NRK(it stands for Nobody Really Knows), and it consists of myself, and a group called The Bandits.
My EP is actually droppin at midnight, and i'll make sure to post that here.
But for the hours left until it DOES drop, you can listen to some of my, and The Bandits' music at
OH! and The Bandits just dropped their mixtape "Goodwill"
shxt's crack. TyLFI knows.
&I'm featured on it too.
but i'll post that in another post, cuz this one is getting quite lengthy. lol

- JQ

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