Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bored Writing: A Galaxian Goodbye

more like a hasta luego that feels like forever...

Depart from heartbreak hotel
See the irony?
How can I stay on my feet?-
When a earthquakes inside of me!
Maybe i can take flight
But what am I piloting?
Flying offa love
Will I 'win'-or will I 'try again'
Shot down
But I got 1 more life-
So here I am back my friend
Where the enemy is the same as the prize I win
So I fight without consolation
Eat food that's tasteless
Nothing can tell me my prize should be wasted
Even for a month-
Im sacrificing fun
I can't imagine this ship breakin
But when im asked-im gonna fake it
Like: 'yea I had a wonderful time,
And the month just flew on bye'
(Again irony)
My fingers crossed-so its not a lie
But now im satisfied
And you flyin with me
Welllll in the same vicinity
Who knows where we will be...
Somewhere off in the distance
Wavin at the fam-like: 'good riddance,-
and please don't miss us'
Patiently inpatient for this finish
What 'you want and don't want'
-'a kiss leaving a blemish'?
'Strength given from spinach'?
Can you 'fare' with the 'unfair'
'Bear' with that that's 'foul(fowl)'
'Crap' that disem'bowel's
Rap it up in towels?
And then call it freshness
'Breath' the 'best' of the 'asbestos' ('bestest')
Chasing down lung disease
I hope that you don't catch it...
That would be wretched!
*coughs* 'aheeem'
Im sorry-I had to clear up the message
And proceed with a landing
Now back to your regularly scheduled programing
Honeymoon on Jamaica
And yea 'mon we jammin
'Try you some banana bread,-
here make you a sandwich!'
Galaxian hasta luego
I couldn't say goodbye
Because it won't be long till we both are satisfied

~wind blows!


Anonymous said...

yo fam nice blog you got going, i would like to see more though, and i might just think about putting you on my Favorite Website section. Take a look at my blog if you can homie and maybe leave some love or something like that, peace.

brandUn DeShay said...

this is one of the best lyrics ive read this year, this is on some brandun deshay type shxt. haha

iJam-All said...

i like your lyrics ,

i can really feel it ,

you paint a vivid picture for me ,

i enjoy reading your stuff ,

check out my blog if you have a chance ,

Anonymous said...

yo thanks for the love homie and i gotta say that you shit is tight and i would love to hear some of your critiscm on my pieces

btw im dropping a tape in the next month or so and i would love for you to check it out man.

hope we can be friends