Friday, July 31, 2009

Bored Writing: Dumb Negative

Got bored on the city bus...

Emotions explained as dumb
Move my thumbs
Then unconsciously make a 'sum' (+)
You know a 'product 'of reality (=)
The opposites a fallacy
And it couldn't survive in this galaxy
A 'negative' soul (-)
Couldn't live-id be challenging
Consistently battling
And fighting for its chivalry
Breathe that's all misery
Expressed so lividly
Seen in plain sight so vividly
Just pick it up-
No littering!
Trash not worth the delivery
Exclamatory! But said so timidly
Alittle time on the bus and some imagery
Wanna mimic me?
Maybe even mock
The same like ditto?
End with a tag like ~wind blows!
Maybe its inspiration rekindled
"a match made in heaven set the fires in h*ll"
Thanks Lu
I guess i do the same-
Oh well
Just hidden from the world
In 'bars'-behind rails
Just listen to the stories I tell..

~wind blows

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