Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bored Writing: Mentally Obese

Live smart--the more you feed your mind the fatter it gets-
Is being Mentally Obese a good thing? 'Food for thought'!

Mentally obese
Food for thought
If a mind of anorexia...
leaves veins distraught
Lanes and paths forgot-
Well known- Ungullible
No food=not logical
'Telekinesis' impossible
So is this 'movin' you?
Or are you firm just un-unrefusable
I love bringing confusion thru
Contusions too
Soothes a few
Only intellectuals
Sorry if its vexin you
Learn to strengthen your 'roots'
You won't be a 'vegetable'
'Fully aware'
With every care
Would you walk in my shoes if I gave you a pair
An alternate reality
One track lifestyle
All of it balancing
Mixed with ball handling
Carried over most,
Penalty? "Hey that's traveling!"
On the line of path
Bouncing a ball-
while beam balancing
Over a pool of sharks-
swirling-similar to galaxies
No dolphins-attacking breeds
and taunted by bloody seas
even on the ground near muddy leaves
They love to feed
So question my advice!
Then lets see if it ends up nice
You wanna live right?
Then don't eat light!
Food for thought
making headbands tight
Ghetto superstars-
With streetlight insight
So their food comes from beef right?
How smart are gunfights
Brains back in the womb
They minds aint get right...
Their sight-dark as midnight
And my sight bright
Premature exposure to snow in sunlight?
Its all about the food right?
The rest is hype

~wind blows!

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