Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Journal Poetry: Mood Cacoon

Yes this is all true-ever felt sick without someone?-
Ever been so nervous your stomach hurts? I know the feeling...

butterflies.jpg butterflies in your stomach image by rainbow_zen

Great time
Excellent wound
Reflecting in real time past moods
And I lose
No really I did
A winner mentally
But physically deficient
Something was missin
Stomach ache or just butterflies?
Silently utter cries
Then write whatever comes to my mind
Lets give signs
But what should i show
How would she know
Why don't I wanna to go?
My perfect friend
My equal in all (=)
No less or greater thans (<,>)
Just negative fog (-)
That's dark
Navigate off
I know what this could be
So im tryna get lost
"Exit Left"
Shut up! I know where to get off
Heart embossed
Protected from failure
Tell her
Don't 'tie up'-
Caressing Love...
but tryna kill Hurt
I feel like what Mickey said first...
"She got me buggin,
Cocoon in my chest,
Butterflies in my stomach"
I found my heart in the vomit
*stirs thru*
Got it!
*pumps toxic*

~wind blows!

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