Friday, June 5, 2009

Bored Writing: Sewing Steel

smh-My friend Kel asked me why i was "so attached to that girl?"
No reply

voodoodal.jpg pins and needles image by asungot_ako

When in doubt-
Just write till your heart is healed
Sewn with a pad of words
And injected steel
Pressed to feel
Forever ill
Stop hurting!
Do you like to kill?
Not a physical murderer
That's good I guess
What about mentally?
Please change the met
Slain by vets
Unexperienced resurrection
A shot to the head full of lethal injection
Manifested for most to see
A poison tree
Just like me
"'Fall' 'ty'me!"
She subconsciously expects me to leave('leaf')?
Wake me in a thousands years-Cryogenic freeze
What happens when they meet
Who am I in your world?
Number 8?
Its hard to believe im number 1 in this race
A race for you
Competing sucks
Especially when you've bled you're guts
And can't eat to much
Every lunch where im reminded once
That you could be eating too
So even when you're not here
I'm there with you
'Scary' cool
A 'nightmare' eating fairy food
Faith vs Reality-so will I lose?
A car no fuel
A fly no altitude
Has anyone ever lived off attitude
Please tell me who
They could teach a thing or two
Meanwhile i'll wait for you

~wind blows!


Anonymous said...

Very dope, very real!

Anonymous said...

NOnono worries. I only love you. Lol now EVERYONE knows.

L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...