Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Skitzo Writing: Savage Dream

I have too many different writing styles.
lol Skitzo Writing presents: Savage Dream! (2min 4sec)


Ants about a spoons height
Snakes spittin poison-
a reason to lose sight
Barefoot-showing my true height
With my mind on survival-
In a cave at night-
Whispering- "its gonna be alright"
But really i never know what the future holds
Im cryin in
On the outside you'd never know
Where scratches cover my toes
Chest full of marks from bear blows
I only won by running...
Do you think that im Rambo?
And so I pray to the skies...
Drink on the seas...
Relaxed by the tides
My friends are the stars-
you know the fish by myside?
5 'arms' and I still don't 'feel him'
He don't express his 'points' to clearly
But still he...does listen
No cause for opposition
We can't bump heads
No chances for friction
S.O.S. On the beach
I wrote it with some branches
Then one would break off and hinder my advancement
Dang it
'What I would do for a sandwich'
Then a witch pops outta the sand
She like : "granted!"
Im like wait witches aren't real
The island started shaking
'whats this i feel?'
Woke up on the floor
Grabbed my chest like: "Chill"
It was a dream?
All the bears and things?
Just a figment to remember mane...

~wind blows!


Lajazmin said...

the bit bout the sandwhich was unconcious...nice one.

check my poetry out...wearepasteljets.blogspot.com


pasteljets said...

preciate the look... yo im posting the poetry and art right now but the music is on the way jus found a perm. spot for recording... so keep em peeled for the mixtape "painted poetry:The left corner".

~neptune june~

brandUn DeShay said...

this is straight up a display of your illness and story tellin. i love it.

L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...

oh thanx- if you really wanna see illness in story telling get at the old post :)