Monday, May 11, 2009

Hello To All !!

For those of you who don't know me, the names Frank Ramz! I will be dropping some lyrics here and there for ya'll to read/hear. Much love to Ty for allowing me to make this one of my blogging homes and share my lyrics with you guys!

This is called "DopeRamz" & below are the lyrics, so you can press play and read along!

Lyrics To "DopeRamz"

Na I aint never pushed a rock in my life//
But im the, hottest in sight when I'm rocking a mic//
When I was writing getting better you were copping some nikes//
Asking all the stanky girls, 'Yo whats poppinh tonight?'//
Right? This good food I prepared in the oven//
Until I'm swimming in bred like my parents are cousins//
Yea, I'm well aware of discussions//
About whos hot, or whos not but I don't care for the fussing//
Na! I'd rather ride around the city bumping Cam in his hay day//
Or that new brandUn deShay tape//
Cause oftenly my brain screams fuck the main stream; So I could give a damn if they may hate!//
It's a aura of dickriding around the game//
Cause alot of these synonym n*ggaz sound the same//
They left overs from last year; & i brought the garbage disposal, I'm sending them niggaz down the drain!//

The game needs to be refreshed guys, don't it?//
So I'ma log in & press F5 on it//
& I ain't z-sharing, this is just my moment//
Full time hustle, I don't rest, I'm zoning. I'm on it!//
Broke but I still grind hard//
Only currensy I have is playing in my iPod//
God! Five stars when it come to the bars//
I go hard, you n*ggaz resemble whats under a bra//
It's me, the beat, the booth; we gonna menage//
& make it hot; you think I stopped? thats just a mirage//
You need to cool off; bcause I'm 2 dope//
& how you washed up, when you don't use soap?//
I see alot of dirt bags in the game//
How you brag, but you lame? & you rap all the same//
I just came from wrecking a show solo//
Came home, had a message from Rogo..he said....//


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