Sunday, April 26, 2009

Experimental Writing: It's TyHamilton

TyLFI x Charles Hamilton=TyHamilton (2min 14sec)

[UPDATE]: C.H. read the post and was shockingly surprised by the lyric
...but "chill, chill" were his thoughts

Polls say C.H. and Lu tied! I'll write C.H. today and Lu tomorrow-
No Cursing! :) and YES im just messin around-gosh,i listen
to C.H. like everyday!

"It's TyHamilton, It's TyHamilton, yeaaaaaaaa...yeaaaaa"
*shakes head vigorously*

I’m still walking around-with my head to the sky
I’m a jerk-while im jerkin in myyy fancy ride
You should go die
Well... kick rocks-
And I hope that there’s magma inside
The truth-
so did I ever lie?
Only 'die' if I try
Only then would I ever 'lie'
'Ground'ed in mind
The jerks im around think 'dirt'y
'Pink' is not nerdy!
What’s your mom 'inside'?
'Knuckle's said i needed a 'callus'
And 'Tail's told me I needed a 'back bone'
But 'I..ran'-
Im sonic and that's it
Robotnic is 'bombing' my zone.
Chill villian!
Just roll to the ceilin
C.G. clouds by the rings that im getting
I'm niiiice-and I beat your position
You runnin into spikes-
You keep losin your mission!


pasteljets said...

yo i like wat ur doing here shining light on lyrics,lyricism and lyricist(im one). check my blog out at
(there is no www.)

Smitty said...

thanks 4 da comment on da blog lil bruh i feel acomphlished on da low

i might not have won...yet
but we'll see wen we do Lupe

Joe Cool