Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mixtape: Charles Hamilton The Dead Zone

Who's scared of trouble? Not for the faint of heart.lol Enjoy!

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The Dead Zone (Intro/Outro)
The beginning of the project, the end of zoning with the dead, the beginning of zoning with the dead in the project, and deading any negative energy surrounding one's belief in self.

Rachel's Place
I think a perfect replacement for the word "swag" would be "personality".

I clearly believe in civil rights, but I have a standard. Not created out of hate, but for understanding.

Love is complicated. Life is complicated. What's the sense of ending either when you feel okay?

Women's intuition ignored.
Disappointment can either lead to rage or depression. I understand, but like I said. I have a standard.

But Me Made This Song
As real as it gets...

124th and Broadway.
Right by Thrifty's, Toast, across the street from Grant, right by McDonalds. Don't ever question where I'm from.

Two that are in love and going NOWHERE without each other. Can you handle that kind of love? Or losing it?

Outro/Intro to Somewhere

Duality. Such is the nature of...

I Don't Even Care

Being indifferent to the undifferent.

West Side Drive
Minding your body...

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