Sunday, March 29, 2009

BORED WRITING : Freedom aka Tumbleweed Ali

If you dont understand then just ask-lol!

Don't smile just frown
Like a mute with a message
Upside down
Just to change your perception
Pushed aside art (italicize)
Bold in its movement
Underlining principles
Tracking unlooseness
Ununderstood and confuseness
Words made up-
just to give an allusion
It real if you choose it
You control reality
What you cant control remains on the balance beam
And it is challenging
Most of whats expressed is YOUR view on the galaxy
So my passion feeds on my acts and deeds
Thinking 'hopefully'-
Faith like a mustard seed
And it touches me
Not uncomfortably
Ironically moving smooth as a tumbleweed
But its pricking me
Bloods is NOT what I wanna see
But it humbles me-how it rolls about something free
Untamed-it 'stings like a bubble bee'
Maybe we should call life Tumbleweed 'Ali'

~wind blows

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C-Money-So(ul) Amazing-(Blu) said...

Wat up man, i like yo work, maybe u could post some of my stuff on hear, if u like them. get at me Ima try to send u one of my poems.