Thursday, March 5, 2009

BORED WRITING : A Dreaming Bum

A bum dreams to be go figure! Leave your comments (3min 24sec)

I feel like-Spiderman with the black suit on
I feel like-Mary did when her son was born
I feel-more pathetic than pathetic itself
She’s 'silk' an im 'weaved' more 'synthetically' 'felt'
I feel self annihilated
Self exasperated
Needing health recuperation,
mixed in with meditation
The time will come
More basic
Acidic's done!
She played around wit it
My heart dark in ya palms
Lets let the sun hit it
But still livin
Ink is my blood
I guess im 'led' by my mother
Feigning for lungs
Let me breathe
Just release your thumbs
Peace will come
The most peaceful drum
Rich in the mind...
a dreaming bum
Laying in the path,
Getting kicked by some
Don't you wonder where I get this from?
I guess my thumbs are my 'finger tongue'
But that's not where I get my 'feeling' from,
to live 'positive' and end in 'sum'

~dream wind blows!

1 comment:

she too had the drama thick said...

i digg the piece,
but i esp. love the pictuĐĆe.