Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Charles Hamilton: At Most Im Just ... (Mixtape)

Charles Hamilton: At Most Im Just ... (Mixtape)

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Props to for the mixtape cover!


The Incubator ("Wish You Were Here"):
The one and only trip down the birth canal, every time you hear the song.

Friendly Reminder/Mop-N-Glo ("A Crow Left of the Murder", "Blood on the Ground"):
Asking for understanding/reassurance, as well as a cover of "Blood on the Ground".

I Really F*ckin Do Tho ("I Miss You"):
It must be a West Indian thing. But every time I fall in love, I feel like I'm enchanted. Is it like that right now, Nowandlater? And is it the same for you? (turns around to see her scowl at her Blackberry; yeah, it is... lol)

NASCAR ("When It Comes"):
Me when I look you dead in your eyes and not smile.

Parent-Teacher Night ("Warning"):
Tell me you didn't feel totally out of control when a teacher you KNEW didn't like you had to tell your mother "the truth"... lol aight then...

Hall Pass ("Nowhere Fast"):
Where and what determination gets you...

Eddie-Lee ("Anna Molly"):
I would've been very content with the middle name, "The"...

Cosmic Hop Scotch ("Stellar"):
She was literally on the phone with me while I recorded it... *sigh* (insert heart smileys)

Sunstorm ("Under My Umbrella"):
Lol just enjoy it...

Sci-Fi Channel ("Here In My Room"):
She's so special that it took an entire channel to understand her worth...

The Warmth, Hamiltonized ("The Warmth")

Rivers in Reverse ("Aqueous Transmission")

Brandon and Jimi Talk Fire ("Pardon Me", acoustic, regular)

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