Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bored Writing: A Scar's Life

If you're confused-im personifying a scar! (1min 5sec)

but extraordinary,
Life on yield-the color of a canary
Tryna find my feel,
I doubt that you can carry
The scars of my life alone are just scary
Impaled,scratched,rubbed, or crushed to dust
I show up when the gel errupts
Im a tale of love...
...well the hurt at the end
Its me that you sow with the pins
With or without stiches depends
Does it scrunch at the ends?
Or did it barely break skin?
...Either way I live...
But you may die if the pain's too big
Personifications rocks!
So my cousin in death
Pain's my big brother-
And my mother is stress
My father just left-Under Arrest
I never attest
Didn't see a thing
So lets free his bandaid chains
I reappear after you manage things
...then kiss goodbye my mother-and give a hug to Pain

~wind blows!

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