Monday, February 2, 2009


I had mad fun with this (2min 25sec)

My brain broke half in half like 4 sections
Vitality lessons
It changes perception
Im infected
Will I get a cure?
Pure 'manure'
Only cuz I don't 'curse'
Freewrite- only cuz I don't rehearse
No money- only thoughts reimburse
Words of gold
Rich living off the words you told
Nebuchadnezzar with the gold head and clay toes
That's where he's vulnerable to his enemies blows
Shhhhh!-don't tell his foes
A fly on the wall-brain of a crow
Scared of the man- so he squats on the dough
Took too big of a bite and choked
Ingested by higher beings-a feast
Woke up later in the belly of the beast
If he could make it to the cpu
He could see what it sees and control what it do pursuit...
Here's the door to the brain-no fluke
Jacked in and took root
All from a fly that fell in the rou of a stew
Successfully made the old conscience die
And that's what I mean when I say this man is 'fly'

~wind blows!

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