Saturday, January 31, 2009

BORED WRITING : Root Time...

Just a Bored Lyric- please tell me your thoughts-
YOU are my inspiration (3min 58sec)

You got me by the roots
Guess I gotta grow thru your hands
Ty is Me (tyme)
So how does it feel to have time in your hands
You have hands in your hands
They point to the future
In the past-was a loser
The future makes you cooler
Living life is like a tutor
She's equiped with a ruler
Your spans measured after she schools you
She said I was special-in a good way
Some she taught wrote about childs play
But she said im 'Made'
And my future is fame
At the time I couldn't contain what she put in my brain
But now Im in the right lane
The left was too slow
I have the 'right' to just flow
And now that im fast I leave behind 'old quotes'
I've been called a 'poison tree...'
So when it's Fall-
you might not wanna be close to me
Stunted growth comes from broken seeds
And I told you im a potent breed
So what should you believe?
'Fall' 'tyme' but don't exept 'me' to 'leave'(leaf)
Lotion for my 'ash'
No degrees to 'freeze'
So just 'chill' as you read this tease
As I live just to breath and breed
How could you forget me?

~wind blows!

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