Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bored Writing: I have a Complex Complex-lol

I dont know- I just felt like being complicated-peep it! (2min 43sec)

I create a mentality opposite the faction of retracting seas,
destroying reality,
making ever-standing fallacies
my thought process reigns in a stretch of many galaxies-
until the winners of the rule start attacking me-
Misconceptions and imperfections like lines in the curb,
nevermind it I stay fly like when maggots emerge
Or a catapult with birds
Cruelty's absurd!
Only when what's deserved is deserved... you apply the words that you saw and/or heard
A world of thoughts
Get lost in a quadrant
Haunted by the talkin
..sounds of some walking
Behind you its stalking
Are you conscious of your conscience?
Balanced in behavior?
Motivated by danger...
but familiar with the face of a stranger
I just found myself-
here all along
So my feeling is strong that that trip was so long
Finnaly ‘right' with fixed 'wrongs'
Just 4 show you im never gone (four rights)

~wind blows!

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