Thursday, January 8, 2009

Repost: Aqua-Poetry -My Part from the Colab

Hi guys. I promise I'm coming with some new stuff,hmmm pinky promise! I haven't been writing lately,ok I lied .
I have been writing, just not public things-Will be back as always with some fire- meanwhile just coast with this old written from awhile ago.


Hello world
Goodbye desire and dumb attire
The lake of fire!
Destoyed in the midst
Victory and all remnant of defeat is dismissed
You're on the list
Leaked onto lips
Passed away
No rememberance
Why even finish this?
Irony contributes then
An abandoned pen
Sold by a gambling friend
Who just happed to win big and return a whole octopus
Twice as toxic- with
More to the locknessess
Secrets that will fold
Or dissolve like losenges
Just abolish it!

~wind blows!

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