Thursday, January 8, 2009

Journal Poetry: Unnamed

Of course this isn't supposed to be lyrical. This is actually one of the Poetry Journal writings I was referring to in the last post. I felt bad for not posting for such a long time. So here's one of those secretive post. I don't really care almost nobody knows what im talkin about.

Alots changed
I wish a return to the same
No more names
1st place slots rearranged
1 month ago it was bliss
Now im barely on the list
Lets not make any mistakes
1 more mistake could lead to my erase
But really did i make an err?
I had trust in someone
But its in you I prefer
I guess im just on the shelf
And i really don't feel I should explain myself
1 bad day made a week of pain I dealt (deal)
My friend says:
'Should I take the blame?, it is my fault'
I say:
Maybe she wants to think its my fault
Whatever the reason im still here
I do shed tears!
I can't say i do not feel!
If looks could kill
Imagine what rejection does
Forgotten thoughts has nothing on what reflection does

~wind blows litely!

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