Thursday, January 8, 2009

BORED WRITING : Vietnam's Rage

If you dont know why i called this Vietnam then ask a Vet. lol.
I guess this is kinda lyrical unlike the last post. Thoughts? Questions? Somebody-Anybody?

Its my Vietnam
Fight for nothing but survival
Love is the rival
But my rival is apart of me
I kill myself if I shoot it with a rifle
So how do I win-
Without making my soul part from me?
Kanye said be 'heartless'
But how would I live
It suicide to do what he did...
I don't dig...
My grave is above ground
Walking 'heartless' with no love now
Why should they keep me 'locked down'
I used to love
But now I hate to love
I guess opposite day came true
And red became blue
Passion's lackadaisical
What happened to its action
It weak
No ration
But irration
Super pitiful
Full of ridicule
Ingested minerals...
Producing what's general
The thoughts are of many 'fools'
But im cool..
Maybe I just got 'schooled'
"naw you aint been hurt till you got hurt by me"
"for a good love life its a necessity"
Forget love and it's crazy deeds
The only love I needs in me
By myself
Alone with my thoughts
Locked in a room with an idiot box
It survival ofcourse
Just Heartless Remorse
Driving the course
Watch out for his vengeance
He 'drives' on a 'sentence'
Ink is the 'gas'
His 'speed' is 'penned in'
With rage he wins it
Off to the 'finish'...

~wind blows!

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