Friday, December 26, 2008

Writing: A Laughing Frown

I dont know- I might delete this,i wrote it in a bad mood.Sigh.Means nothing (2 minutes) More like a journal entry.

Just a less than sign with a 3 (<3)

i texted you the message
Less than perfection
The 'Y' part of 'T' still has some 'questions'
So you saw "M.e.",
But you still got me stressin?
Im vexin
Pilot called: "mayday"
Parachuted down with no protection
Trees in my vision
Water in my path
Seeing all the fishes
Or in the forest I will crash
But maybe this is the beginning
What's are my peeps feelings? :
"forget about her!"
Says all my surroundings
"you're not her type!"
But my heart keeps pounding
A crushed heart having love spew out
What's left is the remnant of what I must get out
A heart so cold-
Only left flushed out
You=my phone background-
Shoot,infact now
What's the purpose of life without love to pump
Funtions of a heart with no blood to pump
Will I ever get over it son?
"Crushing crush" was something only you could decipher
And thats what happens when you're a writer
I wanna tell you everything!
S.P.I. Only began it
True love.
Real love!
No gangster organics
No, no thugs
Wing it out-no bandage-
No,not in the form of a bullet
Why is that even appealing-
Unless you're used to it
Then I guess the moods fluid-
No solid decisions left to move with
Can't help but to feel that im losin
Should I move on
And begin the healing of my bruises
not a begger,but give me the word to stay
And ill sustain the contusions
Contain all confusion and refrain from my music (lyrics like this)
What am I saying
You're worth enough to keep goin
As long as my blood keeps flowing
Im going!

~wind blows litely

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