Saturday, December 27, 2008

BORED WRITING : Internet Ink

(2 minutes) Yea i can explain-i think its simple though if you're studious.

Poetry in motion.
Feel what you hear
I feel stress
So my hearing is weird
My vision is teared
My taste buds are seared
And everything I think is the opposite of cheer
I used to be blissful
Guess the timing is gone
I used to be fearful
But the future is here
I understand why I was so scared
But who cares
A waist of ink on the net
The octopus lost its life in regret
My paths set
"Do what's right,
Veer from wrong,
Remain strong,
You won't be here for long"
Or should I do what's wrong?
Act with tactics of the weak?
Atleast then I wouldn't face defeat
Or maybe I could just be u.n.i.'que'
You know...
Marry a 'que'
Separate and divorce after fairly a few
But that's not like me
Inside there's fighting
Golgotha and Mimik
The father of the witness
And the ending of blissness
Im tripin-
still tying my shoe string again
Just listen
No don't just listen
Respond to what's written
The only way I'm truly uplifted
Skies view is the vision
Flying to nowhere
That's where I find my mission
'it is there only there that you shall find the master'
Get the glow and end in disaster
Bruce Leroy inspired my laughter (look it up)

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