Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bored Writing: Lyrical Rebellion (periodicly one hundred and three)

Nice Little Lyric- (2min 20 sec)
Pumping thru the fangs of 4 fiends
4 dreams
One with the likeness of more bling
Givin with intention to hurt things
Why pain?
You gotta get hurt to build resistance
Achieve wellness with persistence
Goals maintained is a glance from a vision
'so everyone that listens, listen!'
I am on a mission
Good riddance to my competition
"Don't let him get it!"
Signatures of those labeled as misfitters
Then bigger
Laws passed blinding eyes from the big picture
Then biggest
Chips put into the brains of the living
They say:
"anything artistic, forget it!,
And anything with rhythm, remix it!
Total abolishment of lyricism is nearin"
Only a righteous few can fix it
And I’m with it!
I say lets keep livin...

~wind blows

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