Monday, December 22, 2008

Bored Writing: Art is Fact (ink blot)

Took absolutely no time to write this. (1 min 52sec)

It deepens
No I mean it depends
Only on the ink of the pens
Possessed ink never faces defeat (feet) in my tims
The beginning ends.
On to the climax
Where I sat
Overlookin the picture like imax
Is that fact?
More like art is fact (artifact)
Take from the old
Create a new mold
More 'bold'
Better 'underlining' principles
Never to be 'pushed aside'-
Composed of many minerals
At the beginning of the middle
It's hard to finish you
What I intend to do
Not pretend to do
Because the fact is the past
Opinion is the future
I am
Not 'measured' by my stature and stance
Like David and 'Solomon'
Get it?
Only with 'wisdom' will you 'understand'

~wind blows

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