Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bored Writing: Swagger Ressurection

(2min 16sec)
Only maintain
Purely octane-
Explodes in my veins
Implodes in my brain
A feeling insane
Back to 'Basic's
'Acid' done had it
I’m back to face it.
Lets trace it-attracted
The other side of me- 'T'
Is 'Y'
And I had questions
I put that aside
My remnant now thrives
I feel like 7 lives
Don't feel me im knives!
Can't kill me
I died
And I crawled back out of my grave-untried!
Im toyin with you
I been around
So stop taking my written as truth
The same guy who wrote about his crush-
was feelin uncouth
The wisdom to step out,not givin a hoot
Glad im back on track
I attack
Kick the other runners off
Make em fall on back (literally)
'if that aint real i'll fall on tacs'
Yeen know that I survived all that?
........Im back!

~wind blows harder

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