Sunday, December 21, 2008

Purposeless Writing: Crushing Crush

I will not be explaining this post for various reasons: (4min exact)
Pressure-like everywhere around
Life without breathe
And Words without sound
Ending in depth...
Twirling around
Shining of lights-
Bringing darkness to crowds
Only you're mind can you decipher what I found...
Where nouns and verbs are interchangeable
The fsirt and the lsat ltteer saty raearrnagalbe
Our physics makes you say u.n.i-'ty'
Then you share my hobby-
Flying in skies
Is it a surprise?
Yea I love those too
What you pursue,well I do too
All I want is truth
All I need is love
'Is that so much to ask for?'
I don't think so dove
Innocent as ever
Holy up above
Lift above the weather
More cleansing then tubs
More lethal than drugs
Remain so quiet
Don't show me love
Kill me with silence
I just,
Need to know
I'll kneel to know
Do you feel the flow
For years ill go
For years ill be
'A one man army' an infantry!
-pinky promise-

~wind blows

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