Wednesday, November 5, 2008


This is not meant to be the best lyrical poetry ever-just thoughts-
Please read in its entirety-i promise it gets sweet! (2 minutes)

Nothin in my brain at all
Ideas escape thru the passage
Its a fact that most thoughts come passive
None at most when I sit here and boast about
A flow that floats-
Controlled by ignorant spokes
The world as I see it gets rattled in a battle with the solar system
and malcontrolled rhythm produced by unseen schisms
Do we differ?
That's just the question
Most people ask if we are alone or just a section.
manifested for most to see
A poison tree placed in vicinity of forest weeds
A potent breed
Or just the same old dumb disease
Leeching off the less bereaved
Not to be decieved
Only to understand the flow of seas
that blow in breeze evaporates then joins the trees!

~wind blows

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