Thursday, October 30, 2008

Aero-Poetry Repost (Freefalling)

Bored (4 minutes)

They locked me down in chains just to tame my rocket,

little did they know I had fuel in my pocket
plus the sparks from the wall of a broken socket
and drips from the pipes that hung over my cockpit.
took over controls-altitude was droppin.
the gas that the vents pumped in was toxic,
very vexed and perplexed from a view that's rotten,
spoken from the sight of a man with knowledge.
regained the flight-its insight with polish.
stopped just ta gaze at the view of tropics.
A beautiful sight like a girl with logic
never on the tonic so I feel bionic.
I tote strength from the fulfilled of spoken-
the opposite of potions and potent poisons.
I have to say tho that was to the 'left' in my dream.
i happened to see that that was left on the scene(seen).
So its weird that if I foresee everything-
why is that I can never complete anything.
back from a daydream
the rocket was still droppin at night with my 'high' beams.
as I gleamed out the circular hole-
I never seen it befo-
the point I reached was absolute zero.
everything stopped even the watch that was Seiko.
then again in a flash it was hot-
perspiration occurred on the glass of my watch.
What's the explanation for the things I see?,
is this just make believe or a blatant dream?
Lets pinch myself and see if it works.
I guess it wasn't a dream cuz it actually hurts.
I been freefallin in my rocket for awhile,
the strange phenomenon just kills my morale-
as I drop more I hear the cries of a child
no where to be found
and then there's no sound.
blinded by the translucent gases,
flabbergasted with no dramatic action
hoping its not graphic is my passion.
(to be continued)..maybe

Luv Ta Luv Ya!

~wind blows

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