Saturday, November 8, 2008


This is not meant to be the best lyrical poetry ever-just thoughts (2 min 40 sec)

Security strings make laser flows
So you move and you're dead
They try to lock me down
Sayin screws loose in my head
Brightness of the shine only seen with infrared
The explanation of my being is what remains to be said
We should live to produce
But we produce to live
The only free time in life is of a babies crib
Spoon-fed pleasures booties and bibs
Until you reach a year in this reality of weird
Blind eyes see truth
And the seeing see blindness
A insensible like rewinded or binded but shown kindness
Complexity killed the cat
So I don't feel relaxed if my heart collapse
Only my brain still entact
So my physical form is only reflected by thoughts on wax
My mind is chap
I guess blood is the lotion
Not to much or I feel like im floatin
And liquors what cures bad emotion
I wonder what the results are from what's spoken

~wind blows

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