Sunday, November 9, 2008


This is not meant to be the best lyrical poetry ever-just thoughts- 1 min 30sec

Intertwined with my mind are the lines I conceive
When I spit a bar its like my mind is freed
Now off to better things
Leveling better lanes
Now my path is so 'righteous' (nemo)
Jet stream!
Taking me to paradise
Does that mean the end of life ?
Or am I a poltergeist?
Lets get my mind back
Refill its contacts
Uphold its contract
And redo sublime facts
I am an earthling!
(no you're a martian)
I'm still learning
(yes. You are like Clark Kent)
I am a furnace!
(you were born in darkness)
(you cannot care-you were born to be heartless)

~wind blows

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