Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bored Writing: The Cosby Kid

Youre only right if you say:
..we live perfect lives on opposite day

Everything is perfect -__-
The sky is falling upward
Blood drains thick,
The consistency of mustard
And my tears bleed,
Red rumbles from the puddles
Emotion and its Voices crowd around in a huttle
And altho its suttle,
Another sound beckons
Telling me whats seen is a new type of lesson
..Telling me my eyes are new to this vision
I stare at this ignorance and act like I listen
..Age doesnt matter
Drama freezes time
And what you don't know shouldn't give you peace of mind
I told you im not simple
..I have complexities in mind,
And I figure it the best to keep them covered where they hide
I look at situations and I give them crooked eyes
..I give them tired stretches
Cuz' im really not suprised
No matter what you go thru..never ever dignify,
that you're the only one
..Theres over 7 billion lives
Money doesn't cure
And stress comes with bills
The same as many symptoms come with medication pills
So because I wear khakis don't look at me as weird
Deep inside the ridges are the problems that you fear
A human dying slowly in a rich mans gear
A bum crying often dripping diamond dust tears
It doesn't change the forget how it appears
The only thing that matters is I struggle but im here
So why should I relay it to be fathomed and compared.?
When I see you're problems im not bothered, I just stare
But for the same person to say I don't understand
Just know that you dont know me, but that's exactly what I..planned
~wind blows.!


John Richter said...

Bored Writing: The Cosby Kid..... smooth, very flowing poem this one. I like it a lot. It's like giving excuses for why you don't need to give excuses for being you. That's pretty cool.....

Hope you will visit my blog

L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...

thanx John..ill follow..please return and do the same