Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Undisputed Nightmares ft. Kalia Foster

My emotions right there!,
If you look alittle more
If you even looked at all
Can't you tell that im sore?
..And you treat me like a fly
Can't you tell that i soar!
Do you even feel pain?
Do you bleed!?..are you sure?
'Cause we fight.and i stress
Then YOU sleep..I dont rest
As i weep,you confess
With my head on knee, and my knees to my chest
Cryin: "Why you wanna leave when i give you my best!"
Pounding on the floor,and beating on my chest
And you look down on me like a flea or a pest
Yelling: "Save it for somebody who cares!,
'Cause i been stopped caring since around last year,
And i beeeen unfaithful since i colored my hair,and Tom's reaal nice,you two should be friends"
As i woke up from this dream i pushed you out of the bed
Punishment for something that happened inside of my head O.o
I was queen on this beautiful night,
Where you opened all my doors
Can my emotions be floored if your making my heart soar?
We watched the stars together...
Shooting thru the skies we could see
And i closed my eyes tight as you rocked me to sleep
but instead of sweet dreams,only nightmares would creep.
For 3 years we were going strong
Buuuut that song you sung last week is no longer ours
You made it for HER...so where did I go wrong?
All this fussing, all this fighting..
After you cockily confess
When does my soul get to rest?
While all i can see is ur head on Vannesa's chest.
You tell me you love ME but between US you cant choose
Now these tears wont stop running because its you i can't loose
As i open my eyes and see yours closed over there
Was this dream a reality or was it all in my head?
And i drift...
Deeeeep..back into my slumber.
The skies raining blood,
Lightning and thunder.
And there you are standing from afar i can see
With your eyes towards the trees and back facing me
So i call to you ,....but nothing comes out
So i run for you,...but my feet stick to the ground
What was right there close now seems like a mile
And i focus on your face as the view zooms out
Sooo weird..but somethin just pushed pass me!
Tell me thats not Tom...with strides like an athlete
Then you turn to him
And you smile and you laugh
One hug..and one kiss..then a sensual grasp
And yall look so in love, :/
So this looks seeming bad
Then i fall thru the ground as i wake up in bed!
Another dream...
But is it close to reality?
I look over at her as her eyes look back at me O.o
A reassuring smile..
And her hand on my leg,
Saying: "It was just a dream Love..just go back to bed"
..And i know her words are true
...And i know her love is there
....And that was the last doubt that i had in my head :)
That dream was so crazy.. I just desire to rest
Determined to shake the feeling of seeing you on her chest
Because my mind and my thoughts were becoming a mess
So i turned over slightly..
Hand over my heart
And i refused to let go
Should'nt we finish what we start?
Then i finally fall asleep.
I tried to keep from drifting deep
..but now the nightmares that creep are the nightmares that keep..
keep me dreaming of the way you caress HER soul.
Do you remember our vows?
Two parts making ONE whole
The dream picks up exactly where it left at
The view of you intimate leaves me so stressed that..
Im feeling molested
You see im six months pregnant
We are supposed to be a family,
But this nightmare is crazy
And just in that time i feel the kicks of the baby
I open my eyes viewing how youre lovingly looking at me
And i can easily see that you'll always be my king.
'Cause im a queen in your heart
Your heart is my thown..
Muscle cushions and bones!
And those dreams never existed.
I guess my mind is just cold
You rest your hand on my belly and kiss my forehead so i know
..You would never be unfaithful
And your faithfulness should show
I mean the world to you..
And you know that i know
Your words making me crazy
"We gon last forever..'cuz I love you baby"

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