Thursday, July 15, 2010

Journal Poetry Vault: Flames In Cold Rain

Its awhole lotta pressure bottled inside
Take off my cap..
Annd swallow my pride.
Intoxication resides
Producing laughs and occasional sighs
Hand on my head, thinkin...thinkin im wise
Watching your lives
..and you have noooo clue
Holes and gashes where evidence falls through
And there it is..
Bright sight in plain view
Can you see it or not?
A lone path, only feeble'll trot
..Kicken up rocks
I'm Sampson..
and altho she cut HER hair..
I'M strength-less,
..and she the strongest here.
Livin your life
Yea, I'm still righ there
Emotions and life art..,
No erasing cares.
Soo draw your conclusions,
State your hypothesis..
Group up and share with Einsteins followers.
But i know the answer,
Its been with me from the start
The end is real pretty..
Candy peace signs and hearts
Cotton candy rain
I'm singin agaiin
Birds only tweet when the seasons have changed
And hopefully I'm doin the same
Unless the cannibals eat my wings O.o
With a heart on flame in cold rain

Out of the hearts abundance the mouth speaks..and thats ironic,because we dont say nothin at all..and no its not cool..To tell the truth...i don't even have alittle bit of heart without you! You can drop T and see it in reverse..tru(t)H ...because trutH Hurts

~wind blows!

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