Thursday, January 21, 2010

*Vent Writing: Craving Inspiration

You have it?
I need it
Not acouple comments
A legion!
The reason?
Well... "released emotion keeps me focused"
And lately...i have no tokens
I'm broken!
..Out of order
Rock the machine to get quarters
...Well if you cant get bars or soda
you could settle for water
But even water that's settled is spoiled
Use it for soil!
Words drive me
..Or i guess i could say alittle 'care' from yall!
If my memory doesn't serve me wrong
Guess if i don't give it..then i don't deserve any at all
That's a fair enough foul to be called
I had a shot
Too late for the ball
I'm sorry for the hurt that i 'caused
Dag..I know you guys are lost
And sincerely that's my fault
I used puns in my talk...
But she knows what I'm rambling about
And no this isn't for her
Its for all who read to incur
..Cleaning blood offa my shirt
As i pick my heart up outta the dirt
Cupids a jerk!
And why is every girl at work actin flirt!?
Cant you turds see that im hurt!
And guys keep askin bout her
"hey yall still together?"...Negro are you tryna get merked!
Still under construction
I mean can i cry alittlebit first
Livin on my Haiti-like turf
Give alittle money to heal up the earth?
How much is emotion really worth..

~wind gusts!

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Seth said...

aha thanks homey.. comment this shit people give ur thoughts and shit