Friday, January 22, 2010

Bored Writing: Cupid's Park-bench

So bull and cape

What's the target?
Don't be a murderer
I hope that its heartless
And I hope you arent heartless
He said: "dawg! reemerge from the darkness
and brighten up the path that youre walkin"
Okaaay..well its started
Back to the misunderstood typical teen martian
Tryna make people understand my talkin
While cupid's nickel darts keep fallin
'Play fair!'
Im narc'n
'Time out' on your friendly neighborhood parkbench
Overlookin peaceful waves..that sharks in?
Ironically talkin
And caressing the sands that i walk in
Sunshining bright while rains fallin
That was her callin
But now its just memories stalkin
Not sad
But in anyway what happy thoughts is
Reminiscent on that time we were walkin
Before construction had started..
And before they destroyed the parkbench
Before nala was barkin
And a chain was on your neck every morning
Before good love made it boring
I promise im smiling as i impress this
Every second i reflect it
That was just the bestest!
Enjoyed with no effort
A story for legend
No vexin
Chillin on cupid's park-bench
Viewing from the shoreline to where the farthest docks is
Even as seen in dreams
We hopped it!
"how alittle bit of water gon stop us"

~wind blows!

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