Thursday, September 24, 2009

Purposeless Writing: Love Lightning

Distorted canvas

View of no choices
Gone with the wind
Chaff laced with poison
Yea yea yea...
Its poison again
Repetitive action
Forced by the voices within
They say: "Forget dreams,remember reality!"
No heroes-
And no Matrix anomalies
Name one guy who could fly without usin wings!
With that said-nothing is promising
Even when you make promises
Like: "hey I will never leave!"
And then what?
You turn into leaves
Maybe mulch for trees
Blowin in the breeze
Sittin in the gutter...
Waters what you breathe
Listenin to owls..
While you longin for their wings
Buts its really not different
Same type predicament
Vibrant situations
Copacetic type dreams
So inviting...
True love is like lightning
And im such a dunce
I know it only strikes once
So im done with the fighting
And I don't wanna yell
No runnin down the street!
'Cuz what if love fails?

~wind blows!

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