Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bored Writing: Chemistry Cords

A bond

Two substances making one agent
Synced in the mind
At times that's outrageous
Gasping in awe
I'm like: that's crazy!
As if I was designed to find you
And you are
Baby you soo are
'Mufasa' and 'Sarabi' chillen with no 'Scars'
Literally unmarred
Physically unthawed
Cold as ice-if you're hot and sun charged..
I need you
Bring me back to the norm
Ironic how we can 'chill' and both be warm
And ion need no blanket on
Take my heat
That's fission till I break and calm
Lasics on
Still couldn't tear us in two
Atom bomb if you're gone
I'd go crazy for you
A movie'll do
Only one?
We'll maybe just two
District nine in my mind
Dag-what the aliens do
Cuz they done made my feelins more frequent
They done made our meetins more decent
Now they tryna beam me up for more treatment
Pftt..yea riiight,they act like I need it
'Win' i 'spring' back,'sum' 'fall' for infinity seasons
Guess im a victim of myself
Cuz i've fell for you..
and I don't think gravity's helped
Together as the most evident elements
You will last in my mind-
Combined memory of elephants?
Or the opposite of where I place your presences.
1st place-
You shouldn't and you should be-
Sharing the space
Push you down
No leveling place
But just for righteousness sake
Change alil composition
Still nothins missin
Threefold cord strings is-
Not easily torn in pieces

~wind blows

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