Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bored Writing: Oaats (Food for Thought)

Mannn i got so many different writing styles...
I'm back-sorry from my hiatus.
By the way I KNOW oats is spelled wrong -
and that apon is actually upon.


Mind over matter

Guess im movin mentally
Once apon a time (Oaat's)
Eat it up with imagery
I guess it's food for thought
People asking 'hey,what's the losers got?'
On your way home after getting abused and taught
Bus puddle splashin by-
Guess he's not happy he trots
No friends
But the bullies are the kids rappin alot
Imagine his fear when passin the ciphering spot
One grab and he's caught
"Where you goin mr. backpack?-
You should come spit,
we need somethin to laugh at"
He grabs back
'nah im too good for you guys-
Just consider this me savin your lives'
They laugh like:
"yo he really think that he's sick-
hold on lets see what he deliverin with"
And after a series of wit mixed with hot deliverin piff
They was like "word-yo aint that trip?"
After that they could never play him or 'fiddle' again
He started listenin in-
Then picked up a pen
To ensure he was never bothered
None hotter
Melts lava-burns ash and scares monstas?
Imagine that from a geek with no father!

~wind blows!


Gambitt said...

ill written.
got me in a motivated zone.
peace my dude

Seth said...

hey man, haven't checked your site in a while but i was going through and i like this one, i like the story i could follow, it's like a dream i can relate to