Tuesday, July 28, 2009

BORED WRITING : Bat-Like Insight

Been gone for awhile-but im back as always-
Some great stuff comin in the future...Stayed Tuned (and follow)

Its dusk

And its only begun
The sun stops shining-
When the rain begun
Lanes and runs
That's legs and tires
Don't tire
Keep workin-or you're fired
Runnin the race
Unlace the pace
Just don't fall on your face
Look at the mess that it makes
Clumsy walkin
Still talkin
Blood leaked into lakes
Sharks pass by thinkin its bait
Just don't slip
That's fate
Eternity erased
Relating how life was just fake
But I did!
I did live it!-
You're staring 'Truth' in the face
What kind of 'lie' would I make
'So where's your body?'
Well its gone with eternity
Left is a voice of frequencies and currency
Unconscious facts
You were blind
Can you prove where you were really at?
Just a bat
Listen thru darkness
You 'Devils Dare' to see if you can
A 'bat..man-forever' before you ever 'began' (batman begins)
Squat in the day
At night carry out plans
Get a 'hold' on your life
You doooo 'write' with 'hands'...
So do 'right' with your 'hands'
Even if they are smaller then mans
And you're fly
So get your tale offa the sand

~wind blows!

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