Friday, June 12, 2009

vintage but i gotta share.


i was goin through my old files and i came across a AIM convo that i saved from before brandUn DeShay. Before B. Rud. this was when i was jus the baby producer exitin highschool. DeShay Ali (DeShay Ollie).

the story goes: i was wit this chick who had/has my heart. she was givin me problems at the moment so when my nxgga hit me up like "lets freestyle type on AIM" i aint feel like it.

he kept eggin me on til he dropped a verse bout my girl and he brought out the brandUn DeShay that we kno today. =] heres the "battle." circa 2006. no typo editin of nothin.

cxxxxxxxxz: Listen get of that young chick/ She ain't even worth shit/ Face resembles the wicked which/ and only thing that b*tch/ is going to lead you is/ down the yellow brink road/ have you in lock down like you were in oz/ leave you like a refugee/ and call you praz/ Now how brud the don da of prada/ be stuck on a chick that would probably holla for a dolla/

Me: alright, now you got me in the mood/ cuz i'll take a bullet for the mrs. b. rud/ or maybe she wont be, nobody knows yet/ but im taking more shots than a porno hoes chest/ and until im in check and shes says that its over/ i'll serve it to her hard like anna kournakova/ the dirts off my shoulders and the prides gone/ thats why when it comes to her, i dont write songs/ i freestyle bout her, cuz every lil bit comes from the heart/ and if i CAME from her BRAIN, that dont mean that im smart/ i sharpened up, im not talking to the whores no more/ so when shes not Mrs. Davis, shes my NORamor/

cxxxxxxxxz: listen i been their before-a/ i had my adora/ i thought she was purer/ until i discovered she was in the league/ of extraordinary whores/ Should have saw the light sooner but everytime i hit the switch her panties hit the floor/ The booty was so raw/ reversed the word/ grab a magnum and i was ready for war/ she readied my troops like it was kill season/ then two weaks later i was sleeping with a demon

Me: you were sleeping with a penis, and it wasnt your own/ that shit was on vibrate, and it wasnt your phone/ you were sadly mistaken, my girl was at home/ you playing black snake moan, while i was in elk grove/ watching back to the future with perfect kinda lady/ getting tongued up, you tried to call, but my hoe hung up/ left you with a dial tone/ you need to do like mcdonalds, put a SMILE on/ = ]

wow. now thats hard body. i cant believe i aint rap back then. ha im on my own dick righ now.

****Sign off

p.s: i was 17 and she was 15. hence why he calls her "young." eh. what are ya gonna do. if shes amazin. shes amazin. im from chicago but im no R. Kelly. =]

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