Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bored Writing: Kinetic Setup

Hey guys- i haven't abandoned you- been busy
so i took a sec to write this :)

Action in seconds
'Potential' monumental
Only plastered and erected
Smashed but not lessened
A figure of figurines
Value multiplied in seconds
Pieces in every direction
Don't step on the riches
Moms'll break her back if you step on the ridges
You're not at fault if born without 'vision'
A 'pole' for 'eyes'
You trip when not 'stickin'
Down you begin to go
Good riddance!
Along comes the security guard
And he trippin
Flashlight,aluminum badge on
With his charge!
"hey you're gonna pay for that"
Unconscious of the fact that you've collapsed
Does it seem the situations a 'trap'?
nope-just something 'unseen' to be exact!

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Fuze said...

dope stuff man