Friday, May 22, 2009

February Freestyle (turned cipher)

This started as a random line conjured while showerin', i liked it so much, it became my facebook status, then a full fledged "freestyle" well, then a cipher, so feel free to input

Verse 1: Hannibal aka Lyrical Laureate

Any challenge made or listed we honor
then I’m beatin’ chicks, how CHRIS did Rhianna //
it’s abuse/ –man- you’ll miss a tooth
u cudnt touch me wit a swift masseuse //
claim u a SLUGGER?, u aint mister RUTH
I be wit the BABEs, a lime, and a twist of goose//
oops, ( I mean) grey goose and a twist of lime
I spit the truth and it flips your mind//
lay down the Traps, and u Saps trip the mines
forget writin’, u should rip ur rhymes
-Tear ya scrolls, I don’t fear you foes
fit in ya shoes, who wud wanna wear ya soles?
You a SHOOK poet, SHAKESpeare, I Hear ya prose
I’mma bubble from the ground like Aerosoles//
-Ascendin’ fast, but nowhere near my goals
Intervene.. I wont just STEP ON, imma smear ya toes//

Verse 5: Hannibal aka Lyrical laureate:
"Dukes vie'n for a crumbling crown
stumbling now, what they utter nuthin more than grumbling growls//...
fumblin' shall/ be the fate of heathen snakes
who try to possess the torch, leave our game in grieving state//
i'd put my life down, for allegiance' sake
u should put the mic down, please embrace
the true essence of rap, breathe -intake..
take a minute, think for five, and leave in eight//
stop me?, im like rock-y, wen hes in shape
my BARs BOA constictors squeezin snakes//
we need a sav-ior, believin faith..
will shield us from ha-ters, throwin salt for seasoned taste//
so they could BITE,
off more than they can chew, leavin waste//
feel thunderous quake of the gods, heave and shake
its much to fear, wit me and and my musketeers
point our muskets where, you puppets cause ruckus , yea
perpetratin that u as rich as buffett's heir
thus its clear, you a threat, the comin of justice' near//"

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