Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bored Writing: 'Ty'tan

The deadliest
Most venomous
but heaven sent...
The serpent roaming over sediment..
Biting if you're listenin
Hopefully your ears aren't what you'll envision with
Can you hear while you're reading this?
I bet you can't!
Reverse psychology
Either you're confused or you're mad that you follow me
But logically accept my apology
Not that I care
But I dare you to challenge me!
Most aren't challenging
Their viciousness' a fallacy
Mines? ..a catastrophe
My clone is the only one who's eligible to battle me
I'm often threatened wit anonymous notes,
but ominous moats-
provoke awareness of what my conglomerate holds
They can only hope that it doesn't unfold...
I standout... BOLD!

~wind blows!


Frederick Lazarus said...

highly ill

haven't read any of your other stuff, but based on this, you got a good thing going

Bre said...

I saw ur tweet & decided 2 check u out--I can feel the flow & I'm not a writer/rapper. I appreciate ur vocabulary--most artist r stuck on 4&5 letter words. I thk uve got talent--u got a "nas" approach 2 music--(or at least thts wht I thk, could b wrong)This message was left by